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    The principle of Brushless DC motor

    Brushless DC motor and drive by the motor body composition, is a typical mechatronic products. The stator winding of the electric motor made symmetrical three-phase star connection, with the three-phase asynchronous motor is very similar. The motor rotor is stuck with a permanent magnet is magnetized, in order to polarity detection of rotor motor, a position sensor in a motor. Drive by power electronic devices and integrated circuit structure, its function is: accept the motor start, stop, the brake signal, to control the motor start, stop and brake; accept the position sensor signals and positive signal, used to control the inverter bridge each power tube off, resulting in continuous torque; accept the speed command and speed the feedback signal, to control and adjust the speed; provide protection and display etc..

    DC motor with a response to rapid, large starting torque, rotational speed from zero to the rated speed with rated torque available performance, but the advantage of DC motor is also its disadvantages, because the DC motor to generate performance under rated load of constant torque, the armature magnetic field and magnetic field of the rotor must be constant for 90 degrees, this will the carbon brush and commutator. The carbon brush and commutator motor rotation will produce a spark, toner in addition to cause failure of a component, use is restricted. AC motor without carbon brush and commutator, maintenance free, strong, wide application, but the characteristic to reach the performance equivalent to the DC motor to be used for complex control technology to achieve. The rapid development of power semiconductor component switch frequency speed many, improve the performance of the drive motor. Micro processor speed is also more and more quickly, can realize the control of AC motors is placed in a rotating axis in Cartesian coordinate system, the proper control of AC motor in the two current components, similar to the DC motor control and have similar performance with DC motor.

    In addition, there are many microprocessor will control functions required motor used in the chip, and the volume is more and more small; like the analog / digital converter (analog-to-digital converter, ADC), pulse width modulation (pulse wide modulator, PWM)... Etc.. Brushless DC motor is electronically controlled AC motor commutation, and no characteristics similar to DC motor using a DC motor mechanism is missing.

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