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    Brushless DC motor's advantage

    1, high efficiency. No power consumption greatly reduced, efficiency as high as 93%.

    2, small volume, light weight. And with the power of the traction motor of Y series compared to a smaller size, frame size.

    3, has the advantages of simple structure, maintenance free.

    4, small loss. At any speed are synchronous operation, the rotor copper loss and iron loss no no.

    5, large starting torque, small starting current. Mechanical characteristic of the motor and adjust the performance and it excited DC control of similar, so the small starting current, large starting torque.

    6, a wide range of speed regulation.

    7, the long-term low speed operation without heat. Adapt to frequent start stop, frequent commutation.

    8, energy saving. For brushless DC motor efficiency and high power factor, low loss; brushless DC motor to rotate passively, which is the generator.

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