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    Permanent magnetic synchronous motor application overview

    Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and AC induction motor or brushless DC motor (BLDC) is very similar. They all have a permanent magnetic rotor and stator winding.

    PMSM motor is usually using sinusoidal waveform control, while the BLDC motor is usually use the trapezoidal signal control, trapezoidal signal is also known as the six step commutation.

    Sinusoidal control efficiency of PMSM is very high, the motor operating smoothly, can minimize the vibration and noise reduction. The PMSM motor using field oriented control (FOC) technology can also minimize the torque ripple and electromagnetic interference generated by the system. PMSM motor on the motor size and AC induction (ACIM) compared to, can provide higher power density.


    C2000 ™ series MCU can be obtained by using the scalar or vector control technology of motor control PMSM. Understanding the rotor position is very important for the efficient control of PMSM motor. To detect the rotor position by Holzer sensor connected to a motor or rotary encoder. These sensor input is used for feedback control systems with sensor.

    The rotor position can be estimated by using the back EMF voltage information. The feedback control mode without the use of sensors and additional wiring. Position or velocity estimator can also be used to calculate the rotor position.

    C2000 MCU integrated high speed 12 bit ADC converter, high resolution pulse width modulator (PWM) and quadrature encoder input (QEI) to make it suitable for the implementation of the PMSM motor control. C2000 MCU kernel to perform complex mathematical functions in a short period of time, the MCU series to become the ideal vector control technology and simultaneous control of multiple motors. The series of PWM has programmable dead time delay, can drive the high side and low side gate driver.

    Stellaris ® series MCU to prefer an open frame core customers to provide solutions based on ARM.The MCU also provides integrated ADC sensor control,specific to the motor control of the PWM and QEI inputs.The fault detection system hardware can be quickly closed system based on,without software intervention.The MCU can also be used to implement scalar and vector control technology.


    Digital isolator has a logic input and output buffer, the buffer by silica (SiO2) isolation barrier isolation, can provide the 4kV isolation. When used in conjunction with the isolated power supply, these devices can prevent high voltage grounding, isolation and prevent noise currents from entering the local ground and interference or damage sensitive circuit.

    Interface / connection

    The traditional analog RS-232/RS-485 interface has been the common choice of motor control applications. Looking to the future, designers will be in its integrated in the mainstream interface, such as Ethernet, USB and CAN.

    Is committed to providing solutions at the same time as the traditional and emerging industry interface. For example, recently launched the world's first isolated CAN transceiver ISO1050.

    Power management

    From the standard IC power management IC high performance plug-in, transformer, digital power supply MOSFET and integrated power module solution. From the AC/DC and DC/DC power supply, a linear regulator and non isolation type switch DC/DC regulator to PMIC and power and display solutions, power management IC solutions can help you complete the project development.

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